Cold Ash & Hermitage Mummers

ENTER Beelzebub:
Last am I old Beelzebub
And over my shoulder I carry my club
And in my hand a dripping pan
Don't you think I'm a jolly old man?
Our sport is done, you may think us funny
Ladies and gentlemen, please fill our hats with money
The hats are dumb and cannot speak
So I say fill them full, for Saint George's sake.

ALL REPRISE: Mummers song with closing verse...
We've merry here my boys
And we've been merry there.
A pint of grog to please us all
For bringing Christmas cheer.
CHORUS With a hey dum dum, etc


Father Christmas: What is thy bill, doctor?

Peter Lamb:
Ten guineas is my fee. Five I'll take of thee.

Father Christmas: Rise, my son, and fight no more.


ENTER Johnny Jack:
In comes I, little Johnny Jack,
With my knapsack on my back.
Out of eight there is but five,
All the rest is starved alive.
Roast beef, plum pudding, who likes better than I,
And old Father Christmas?

ENTER Billy Wit:
Here comes I as ain't been yet.
Girt big head and little wit.
Me head's so big me wit's so small,
I brought me devil to please you all.
Richard Marshall
December 2013